• Marcel Mule: 24 Etudes Faciles (Saxophone Solo)

Marcel Mule: 24 Etudes Faciles (Saxophone Solo)

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Marcel Mule (1901-2001), who was born in Aube, Normandy, started learning the saxophone with his father at the age of seven, soon also taking up the piano and violin. By the age of twelve he had already won two First Prizes in solo competitions, but nevertheless decided on a teaching career. The call of music was, however, too strong, and at 22 he joined the band of the Garde Républicaine. Five years later he founded a quartet, later to become the Quatuor de saxophones de Paris and, from 1952, the Quatuor Marcel Mule, which had a profound influence on the instrument, with several composers writing for the ensemble. From 1942 to 1968 Marcel Mule taught at the Paris Conservatory where he trained generations of brilliant players. He is now rightly considered the founder of the French saxophone school.

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