• Majestic timpan Harmonic 23

Majestic timpan Harmonic 23"

Šifra artikla: MAJ-MTG2300P
Jedinica mjere: Kom
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Cijena: 13.432,00 Kn
Redovna cijena: 16.790,00 Kn   (Ušteda: 3.358,00 Kn - 20%)

Opis artikla

• Balance style pedal system
• Pedestal frame with folding legs
• Tuning gauge
• Up to 1 octave range
• Standard white REMO® timpani heads
• All timpani include tuning key
• 26" model includes mallet holder with mallets
• 32" model includes mallets

Harmonic Series
For the band or professional on the move...
No other portable timpani offer the performance, precision, and stability found in the Harmonic series. Our exclusive folding leg and pedal arm system combine with durable lightweight FRP kettles and precise tuning mechanisms to allow these models to move easily from rehearsal studio to stage without sacrificing performance.

Available with seamless deep drawn copper, aluminium, or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) in both deep cambered bowl. FRP kettle also available in parabolic bowl. Internal mechanism designed for smooth design.

Hammered or polished (smooth) finish available on copper kettle. Automated hammering ensures sonic matching of sets as well as additional drums purchased later.

Cast aluminum frame with folding legs and pedal arm that allow the drum to fold up for transport. Brakes on casters provide secure hold when in place. Internal mechanism with outer tension blocks.

Balance style with distinctively light, smooth action.

Large, easy to read adjustable tuning gauge standard. Full range of up to 1 octave per drum.

The heads used are standard white REMO® timpani heads. At an extra charge REMO Renaissance™ heads can be mounted.

Harmonic timpani may be ordered in either American or German set-up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

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