• Meinl TA2M-SNT Tamburin

Meinl TA2M-SNT Tamburin

Šifra artikla: ME-TA2M-SNT
Jedinica mjere: Kom
Dostupnost artikla:   Trenutno nije dostupan
Cijena: 234,00 Kn
Redovna cijena: 260,00 Kn   (Ušteda: 26,00 Kn - 10%)

Opis artikla

The MEINL Recording-Combo Tambourines have a new combination of jingles in two different metals. This creates a whole new sound colour. It is both dry and bright, and it offers a sophisticated and highly adaptable sound, with both projection and sustain.

Wooden frame
Material: Mixed Jingles
Nickelsilver plated steel meets solid brass
Features two different alloys of jingles

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