• Denis Joly: Cantilène Et Danse (Alto Saxophone/Piano)

Denis Joly: Cantilène Et Danse (Alto Saxophone/Piano)

Šifra artikla: LED-AL20698
Jedinica mjere: Kom
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Cijena: 81,11 Kn
Redovna cijena: 108,15 Kn   (Ušteda: 27,04 Kn - 25%)

Opis artikla

Starting with the Piano on a slow section “Andantino Cantabile” (3/4 - tempo 88), the piece then accelerates in the “Allegretto Scherzando” (6/3 – tempo 120), goes back to a slower part and finishes a fast section of notes. A variation of a small section of the main score is also proposed to the player. Difficulties highlighted in the piece are the fast rhythms and the resulting endurance necessary to play them. The piece includes some trills, some staccatos and some accidentals that upper-intermediate players should be able to overcome. Denis Joly (1906-1979) is a French organist and composer. He wrote around 40 pieces of chamber music for Piano solo, Piano and strings, Piano and woodwind, Piano and brass, and solo Organ.

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