• Adams ksilofon Solist XS1HV40

Adams ksilofon Solist XS1HV40

Šifra artikla: AD-XS1HV40
Jedinica mjere: Kom
Dostupnost artikla:   Trenutno nije dostupan
Cijena: 19.805,00 Kn
Redovna cijena: 23.300,00 Kn   (Ušteda: 3.495,00 Kn - 15%)

Opis artikla

4.0 Octaves, Honduras Rosewood, Quint Tuned, Voyager Frame
Xylophone Solist, XS1HV40, 4.0 okt., C4-C8, Quint Tuned, bars 43-38.5 mm, Voyager Frame

Adams Solist Xylophone Series offers many choices of practical, high quality instruments. With choices of Honduras Rosewood, Light Rosewood, and Zelon Bars, octave or quint tuning standards, and Voyager or Endurance Field Frames, there is an affordable, excellent instrument for all ensembles.

Graduated Adams Honduras Rosewood bars (43 - 38.5 mm) in4 octaves - Quint tuned
Quint tuning has a fifth tuned in between the fundamental and double octave for the short, penetrating sound that cuts through the largest ensembles. Quint tuning was the used on the classic American Xylophones of the 20s and 30s.
oyager Frame with ingenious height adjustment system allows one person to easily and very precisely adjust the height to a comfortable playing position.
Lightweight resonators featuring a 2-position height adjustment for pitch and tone control
Vinyl wrapped rails and powder coated resonators for durability.
Hinged resonators and rails, a 2-piece crossbar, and the inventive frame make tear down and transportation an easy effort
Durable 100 mm lockable swivel casters allow easy movement
Optional Endurance Field Frame for the demands of outdoor performance ensembles. The extra-large wheels and oversized frame easily navigate outdoor terrain.
Includes drop cover and 1 pair of XB6 mallets

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